If you feel we should add something on here, or if you have a question other than what is already listed here, head on over to the Contact Us page and let us know.

  1. How do I tune into CrossFire-Radio?
      Loudcity.com | Tunein.com
      There are also many other ways to tune into CrossFire-Radio, even on your mobile phone.
      Contact us for details.
  2. Can I contact one of the DJ's?
      Yes, you can! Just click on the menu up top for the DJs and click on "Contact this DJ"
  3. How can I contact "You"?
      info@crossfire-radio.com or djfire@crossfire-radio.com
      you can also use our contact form "Here".
  4. If I send in a donation to the station, can I submit that on my taxes?
      Unfortunately, no you can not. :( (Maybe in the future, who knows) :)
  5. I love listening to CrossFire-Radio, do you have T-Shirts or something?
      Currently we have 1 type (multiple sizes) of t-shirt's available, we are working on more, you can take a look "Here"
  6. I don't have paypal or a credit card, can I send a donation another way?
      Sure you can, just contact us for more details
  7. How long has CrossFire-Radio been running?
      CrossFire-Radio has been up and running since August 15, 2005
  8. Do you pay royalties for the music you play?
      YES!! We hold a special license through loudcity.net that allows us to play our music. This provides us licensing for ASCAP, BMI, SESAC & Sound Exchange.
  9. I am in a local or unsigned band, will you play our music?
      We sure will, just goto the "Bands" in our menu at the top, and click on "Add Your Band"
  10. How can I send my music to you?
      If you fill out the add your band form, we will contact you with further details on how to send your music to us.
  11. Do you give out or sell your members information?
      NO! No, no, no, no no no no..... We do not! (You can read our Privacy Policy)
  12. Do you really support unsigned artists?
      You bet we do! You can check out our current bands page of unsigned bands/artists that we currently play on the station.
  13. There is an artist or band you don't have, how can I request it?
      If there is some music that our DJ's do not have, you can register in our forums, and post in the "Artist/Song Suggestions" area.
  14. Does CrossFire-Radio have a request line or take requests?
      We currently do not have a "request line", however when a live DJ is on the air, you can make requests through the playlist, just click on "Requests" in the menu under "Radio"