About CrossFire-Radio

CrossFire-Radio born August 15, 2005 has been running on the internet air waves for the past going on 6 years now. Crossfire-radio was created by DJ Fire (aka Trex) for members of the internet community to have the ability to listen to music of what they want to hear. On the date of when CrossFire-Radio was made, CFR started out as a "Metal" only station, but has since then grown into an all variety station. From Oldies to Rock to metal to country to R & B and all the rest. CFR took this route on all good intentions to bring out the best of music from the past to todays current music genre's. Which even now, all those music genre's have expanded that there is so many to list. And we here at CrossFire-Radio try to bring you all those Genre's in one place.

As the years went on, CFR added new items to the stations own website. Bringing in a Message board, Chat room, Arcade games, Live DJ's, and at one point even had Movies for our Members to sit back, relax, eat some popcorn and watch away at their own computer. Some things we have tried did not work out to well for us, and eventually had to "remove" those things. And now currently, we here at CrossFire-Radio are still struggling to stay up and running and be able to give our listeners the music they want and enjoy everyday. We have some very long time listeners that tuned in almost 6 years to date, and still tune in to us this day. And for that, we thank you.

In the future, CrossFire-Radio may venture into some other things to give a try and see how those things work out for us. One may never know if something works, until you try it, Right? There are some people out in the world today, that do not "enjoy" the type of music we play here at CrossFire-Radio, as some of our music has some "vulgar" lyrics. (You know, "the bad words"). This is another reason why CrossFire-Radio was created. It is to play the music the way the artists created it and wanted it to be. You wont "EVER" hear the song "Hot Dog", by Limp Bizkit, played on a Local FM station, and also on some other Internet radio stations. Sure, people get a little "pissed" off at us, But its the way of the world. Besides, they are only words in a "song" created by an artist. And that's why we play it. To all out there traveling on the roads of the internet, Check us out, you never know, you might like it!! If you enjoy what you hear, or even just enjoy being a part of CrossFire-Radio. Help us out, and send in a donation. Nothings to small and nothings to large. We accept any and all donations, just like we accept any and all types of listeners.

On a last note, CrossFire-Radio is a non-profit internet radio station (not a tax-exempt internet radio). Your donations are not tax deductible, but they do help us pay the bills!
(Maybe in the future, CrossFire-Radio can become a full fledged tax-exempt internet radio, where your donations "could be" tax deductible, but for now, they are not!)

Thank you for reading!!! Now go get tuned in and enjoy the show!!!