CrossFire-Radio - Brand new design

As you can see here, CrossFire-Radio has gone a whole new look. Why did we do this? Well you all know how DJ Fire likes to change things up once in a while, so it was time to change it up a bit, and make things look better!

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If you would like to keep up on our news (Additions to the site, if anythings moved around, all that good stuff. Just click on the "News!" button, and stay up to date on our news page.


Some new things coming around the corner.

New streams, More music, better choices. Some new streams will be coming soon to the station so you can hear more of your favorite stuff. Music Genre's of Metal, Rock, Hip-hop/rap/R&B, Reggae, Country, Trance/Dance/Electro, Unsigned, and our already made stream Variety. You will be able to tune-in to Any or all of these streams soon.

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Welcome to CrossFire-Radio

CrossFire-Radio: has been running since August 15, 2005. Starting off only as a "Hard Rock/Metal" radio then jumping into an all genre radio. Music from Disturbed, Metallica, Rammstein, Toby Keith, Lita Ford, and many many more. Also playing and promoting "Unsigned Bands/Artists" letting the world find out who they are and how good they are.

More Stuff!

  • You can tune into CrossFire-Radio on your mobile phone.
  • Friendly, Fun, (and sometimes) Corruptive DJs (that's what makes them interesting.)
  • Forums, Arcade, Chatroom, Requests(When a DJ is on air).
  • If you need help tuning in or finding your way around, Check out our forums, or use our brand new LIVE HELP!

Uncensored Music